Cool Gaming Computer Cases

Many people make complaints that every time they are trying to find a new cool gaming computer case, the cool gaming computer cases searching will end up with nothing. If you are one of those complainers, I suggest you read our page carefully.

There are some cool gaming computer cases looking great and working really great. Whatever your preference, you can find there is always a cool gaming computer case that can satisfy your needs.

All the cool gaming computer cases are made well and good in budget. They are ranked by many users. Now, all you need to do is to read our page carefully and choose one you like. Wish you have a happy shopping.

Best Cool Gaming Computer Cases to buy

CM Storm Enforcer - Gaming Mid Tower Computer Case with USB 3.0 and Windowed Side Panel
Cooler Master

Coolermaster Storm Scout Ultimate GamingStorm Enforcer Mid-Tower Gaming chassis W/side window, Micro-ATX/ATXBlack with 200mm RED LED Fan, ROHS; Front I / O Panel with USB 3.

Buyers Guide
  • “I love this case it has good cable management, good cooling, looks great, and has plenty of space for oversized CPU coolers.” – Seth T. Vuletich
  • “Overall great product and I would recommend this case for anyone who is a little tight on money and/or does not want a full tower case.” – Jeffrey H.
  • “I removed the hard drive cage very easily and only use the bottom hard mounted cage with the SSD mount moved from the bottom of the case to the top of this cage.” – NavyCPO

CM Storm Scout 2 Advanced - Gaming Mid Tower Computer Case with Carrying Handles, Black
Cooler Master

CM Storm Scout 2 Advanced is the upgraded edition of Scout 2. It supports up to 9 fans, including two pre-installed 120mm red LED fans in the front for optimized cooling.

Expert Advice
  • “It works great and is priced very well for the features built into the case.” – SG1
  • “Plenty of room for cable routing.” – travelguy uk
  • “I love the carrying handles on top.” – a382453

Antec Nine Hundred Black Steel ATX Mid Tower Computer Case

Introducing the Antec Nine Hundred hardcore gaming case. Now you can own any noob ever spawned with this ultra-mean case in classic black finish. We know your gaming hardware produces a lot of heat, that’s why the case is built for maximum cool with a perforated front bezel, three 120mm fans with mounts for even more fans, and a monster top-mounted 200mm fan that’s right, we said 200mm! The versatile Nine Hundred is maximally customizable to fit your needs.

Buyers Guide
  • “Plenty of fans to keep the computer as cool as Antarctica and plenty of ports and room for expansion.” – ComputerMaster
  • “Pretty quiet with the 3-speed fans on medium.” – P. Cook
  • “Installing the hard drives is especially easy with the drive bays sliding out the front (8 thumb screws per cage, tho!!).” – Old Fart

Corsair Carbide Series Black 400R Mid Tower  Computer Case (CC-9011011-WW)

The 400R has been carefully designed for upgradability. With USB 3.0, support for 2.

Buyers Guide
  • “Overall it’s a great case with plenty of room for airflow and nice cable management too.” – Colin O
  • “Powersupply installation was also easy, with the fan pulling in air from the rear of the case and blowing it down, out the bottom of the case.” – J. Geib
  • “SSD drives can also be mounted into the same caddies, but with the use of screws.” – Ed

Thermaltake V3 Black Edition VL80001W2Z No PS Mid Tower Gaming Case (Black)

Thermaltake; VN1006W2N; Case

Consumer Guide
  • “This is a well made case and very well ventilated.” – TH3298
  • “This case has lots of room and plenty of ventilation.” – TaserTot
  • “This case provides key features that I can’t believe I see others complaining about.” – Andrewfrey

Rosewill Gaming Super Tower Computer Case BLACKHAWK-ULTRA

Born for gaming, the Rose will BLACKHAWK-ULTRA super tower boasts ample space to accommodate HPTX motherboard and up to 433mm long high end VGA card. All black coating from inside out adds to overall quality and evokes a sense of high grade.

Buying Guides
  • “I have built many machines, and this case could be my favorite.” – Steve C. Brown
  • “Plenty of fans, awesome cable management and it’s water cooling ready!” – Sean Miller
  • “I would definitely recommend this case to anyone who needs the space.” – Steven

Corsair Vengeance Series Military Green C70 Mid Tower Computer Case (CC-9011018-WW)

The Vengeance C70 has convenient built-in carry handles and a steel front panel instead of plastic for enhanced durability. With up to 10 fan mounts, it also cools just about anything you can think of.

Consumer Reviews
  • “The military green looks very nice with black drives and all of the metal on the case, both inside and out is painted, which is nice.” – Pat
  • “Cable management was a breeze and I still have plenty of room for future upgrades.” – Mins
  • “Overall I would highly recommend this case to anyone looking to do a custom build.” – Jason Lewitinn

Rosewill Black Gaming ATX Mid Tower Computer Case CHALLENGER

The Rosewill Challenger mid-tower steel case is ideal for computer builders who’d rather spend their money on the contents than on the case! The mid-tower Challenger offers bays for three 5.

Product Comparisons
  • “This is a very sturdy case.” – Lisa Reynolds
  • “If you’re looking for a well-built case that’s got plenty of space for your components and good airflow to keep things cool, this is the case for you.” – Pegasus
  • “This is the case I chose for the first computer I’ve ever built myself.” – CharacterLimits

Corsair CC600TWM-WHT Special Edition Graphite Series 600T Mid Tower Gaming Computer Case - White

Inside the streamlined design of the Graphite 600T is a wealth of functionality that makes your build easier and enhances your computing experience.Building a clean-looking, well-cooled system is easier and faster than ever with our innovative cable routing design, tool-free drive bays, dual 200mm fans with integrated fan controller, and CPU backplate cutout.

Consumer Guide
  • “Looks great, has tons of space inside, excellent cable management options, many other features.” – Bunta
  • “I like the look of a nice white case and the build of this one is of very good quality.” – Wes G. Coon
  • “The quick start guide that’s included in the box shows a blow out diagram of the case, but doesn’t really explain or detail much else.” – Ed

Antec Eleven Hundred Black Super Mid Tower Computer Case

The new flagship in Antec’s Gaming series, the Eleven Hundred brings ultimate gaming builds to life with a new set

Expert Advice
  • “Great Case, fits everything perfectly with a lot of emphasis on cable management and cooling.” – N. Nagir
  • “The case feels very sturdy and looks great in my opinion.” – D. Brown
  • “I really hope that the fan noise issue will be fixed in the future.” – Magus

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